iPhone Repair?

At Cellaxs, we offer comprehensive repair services for all iPhones, ranging from the latest iPhone 8s to legacy models like the iPhone 5. Whether you're dealing with a broken screen, malfunctioning buttons, antenna issues, or any other common iPhone problems, our skilled technicians can fix them all. You can either call our location to get a quote or visit our store for a quick and efficient repair while you wait. Rest assured, we guarantee the quality of our parts against defects. By choosing Cellaxs for your iPhone repairs, you'll also benefit from our product warranty, which covers both defects and workmanship. Our repair services include iPhone screen repair, where we use OEM quality screens to make your phone look brand new again. We also offer iPhone speaker repair, so if you're experiencing garbled or low sound, bring it to us for a fast fix. Additionally, if your iPhone battery seems to drain quickly due to regular usage, we can provide a free diagnosis to determine if a battery replacement is necessary. Trust Cellaxs for all your iPhone charging port repair needs.

List of Supported Repair Services
iPhone Screen Repair: Dropped your phone by accident?
We have OEM quality screens so your screen can look brand new!
iPhone Speaker Repair: Speaker sound garbled or more quiet?
Bring it to us and we can have it fixed for you fast!
iPhone Battery Repair:
Does your battery level seem to drop fast?
Actively used phones often lose capacity over time.
Get a free diagnosis to see if
your battery needs to be replaced.
iPhone Charging Port Repair: Phone no longer charging?
Bring it to us and we can help you replace your broken charge port!

Cellaxs - Phone Repair

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